Don’t miss out on this hidden “Gold Mine” in your business!

In my experience in dealing with struggling business owners complaining about not having enough customers, they always seem to ignore one of the best marketing weapons they have, their own customer and client lists. Here are some tips on maximizing their potential.   Please follow and like us:0


I recently listened to an interview of the CEO and President of Ace hardware, John Venhuizen, on the Entreleadership Podcast hosted by Ken Coleman.  I was very curious before I listened to it as to how Ace has survived all these years competing against the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes while other Read more about DIFFERENTIATE or DIE![…]

Seven HOT TIPS to Protect Your Personal Assets from Business Debts.

The following is a list of seven hot tips of things you should or should not do to protect your personal assets from your business debts. 1. CREATE A CORPORATION OR LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. By incorporating or forming a limited liability company, you create a separate legal entity that performs the business. If you properly Read more about Seven HOT TIPS to Protect Your Personal Assets from Business Debts.[…]


In this video, I am not addressing tolerance of race, religion or other classes of people.  I am addressing the negative conduct that occurs that we, as managers, may tolerate in order to avoid confrontation like cell phone use, habitual tardiness or failure to achieve goals and objectives.  Tolerance of these types of activities not Read more about THE EVILS OF TOLERANCE IN THE WORKPLACE[…]